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    Sacred Sexuality


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    Sacred  Sexuality Empty Sacred Sexuality

    Messaggio Da nelda il Ven 03 Ott 2008, 01:38

    As we come to the pinnacle of energetic highways and byways of the past a
    great healing begins to occur upon earth. the Sacred male and the Sacred
    female begin to heal. This happens separately at first as they align with
    their own inner sacred partner. By the end of 2005 the healing will have
    passed the 1/2 mark for all of mankind and we will be on our way home to a
    higher Light while still in the flesh.

    In the ancient temples of old chosen woman were taught the art of opening
    a Portal of Creation through the use of their Sexual vibration.
    They were sent to kings and pharaohs alike to teach the art of honoring the Goddess.
    They infused Royalty with their high vibration of Sexual Light, lifting them
    to a place they could rule the country with honor.

    These women held tightly to their Sacred Sexuality
    and used it only as a tool of Creation for it was their greatest treasure.
    When they did interact with men in places of power they used themselves as a
    tuning fork, down loading the galactic stellar vibrations as instructed by Spirit.

    Modern women have forgotten that they are the teachers of the
    inherent lost art of Sacred Sexuality. They need to stop waiting for men to
    remember to make sex sacred and unlock that door themselves with a key they
    carry in their DNA .

    Each woman has a dormant encoding that is designed to be activated when in
    the presence of a male that is destined to be a catalyst. The female does
    not have to physically interact with the male to receive this encoding. The
    physical body remembers the previous interaction from times past and makes
    the appropriate adjustments to the DNA packet that has been energetically
    opened. Then the exchange contract is fulfilled on whatever level the female
    is comfortable with. (Astral, telepathic, physical, mental, or vibrational level)

    When the female aligns with the male vibration a chemical response is
    triggered via the glands within the chakra system and the Mystical
    Alchemical Marriage is announced and a new integrated Sacred Light is
    birthed and added to the earth grid.

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